If you are looking for a modern marketing platform, then you’ve come to the right place…

IndustryCast, a solution that integrates with your business…

Our platform provides an open and extensible restful API that can open up a world of new possibilities when integrated with your existing sites and applications

We utilizes a powerful “system-wide” token authentication strategy with a number of custom security mechanisms in place to ensure that our platform communicates securely with your software.  

Authentication tokens are “guarded” via a proprietary “trigger” system that invalidates the token as soon as any possible intrusion or spoof attempt is detected…

There are a lot of software applications on the market, but our solution is unique in that it allows a company to quickly modify their existing marketing strategy by adding direct communication channels for their customers into their applications.


Document Management

Documents sent via a conversation, can either be stored and indexed within our built-in document management system or saved in a 3rd party repository (available in v.2). This extension will allow you to easily perform:

        •  Uploading, editing and deleting of documents
        •  Control permissions based on users and groups
        •  Keep track of document revisions
        •  Sign documents electronically

Remote Access

The platform includes secure remote access services which enables you to connect to a remote system via RDP and VNC.

The service is web-enabled so you can access most remote systems via any modern browser and most mobile devices.

Mobile App Development

Our platform supports all modern web browsers and mobile devices (including Android and Apple IOS).

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can have access to your conversations and data.

Industry Wide Messaging

Our sophisticated broadcast based messaging system includes:

        •  User-to-user messaging
        •  User to Group messaging
        •  User to Industry messaging

        •  Public and private groups

In addition, our open API allows any system to send automated messages and notifications to users and/or groups whether they are online or not…


Remote Desktop Sessions in Browser

Document and Workflow Management


Ready to Customize

Instant Messaging

User and Groups Management


Secure Token-Based Authentication

Full Support

Desktop and Mobile Support

Synchronized Live Across Devices

Weekly Backups