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Business can rely on our platform to streamline their communications strategy by enhancing the user experience, therefore improving efficiency and productivity…

Indoor Agriculture has become a very popular trend in based on the recent elevated interest in both recreational and medicinal marijuana… 

This “high tech” grow strategy has come to inhabit urban areas.  Of particular interest, the “marijuana for medical purposes” (MMRP) segment has received a lot of attention and media in Canada and is projected to see significant growth in the near term.

Specifications for an MMPR facility are a sophisticated and tightly managed set of conditions requiring complex solutions to implement.

With “mission-critical” requirements for data and automation (ranging from reporting\compliance, to the business analytics) it is necessary to be able to manage, measure, and implement the governments “best practices” standards.

Based on our secure messaging system we have created a secure transport mechanism that is specifically designed for the MMPR industry and makes communicating across an organization or industry much safer and simpler!

In addition to the standard functions and features of the framework, a MMPR “specific build” can include a number of industry specific features including:

        •  message room access, monitoring, auditing
        •  compliance regulation links and checklists
        •  direct supply chain messaging & auditing
        •  compliance messaging between facilities & industry

The building management industry focuses on mechanical, electrical controls, and monitoring systems as it relates to the management of physical buildings.  The level of monitoring is highly dependent upon the building utilization. The FocusPoint Framework provides the following industry specific features in addition to the standard functions and features of the framework:

        •  Building automation management
        •  HVAC
        •  Lifts, elevators
        •  Utilities
        •  Security and visitor management
        •  Communications

Clinical research is intensifying resulting in additional sales opportunities in the areas of topical applications (such as balms, oils, lotions), further expanding the industry.

As we are constantly working to evolve and enhance the functionality of our platform, we recognize that it will become more applicable to many other sectors, but we are still very committed to our development within the indoor agriculture sector, (specifically in the Medical Marijuana segment).