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Most businesses are continually challenged to keep up with the shift in technology and it’s also not uncommon for some businesses to be working on new ways to enhance their processes . So with a multitude of different applications to choose from, how do you make the right decision?

At Cannigistics, we recognize the importance of making information and communication available throughout the organization while maintaining control and security.

We believe that our clients want sophisticated solutions with minimal programming and maximum ROI.  We understand the need for integrating your network with the “Internet of Things” and the desire for improved business intelligence and meaningful analytics.

Let us help you stay ahead of the curve… 



Our platform uses the latest in technologies to bring your communication strategy under one framework. Our platform provides a number of powerful features:

        •  Mass Communication\Collaboration
        •  Document Management (v.2)
        •  User and Group Administration
        •  Private Messaging
        •  Cross-Platform Client (desktop and mobile)
        •  Audit and Logging Reporting

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution that offers businesses of any kind with advanced application access and control of their communication strategy. 

Our platform is useful and available to individuals in all the levels of your organization with access determined by you.  The immediate benefits from our framework include:

        •  Simple to navigate
        •  Scalable to any size
        •  Minimal training requirements
        •  Low cost of ownership
        •  Self-manageable
        •  Flexible


Our platform allows
everyone to feel empowered

The platform is adaptable. As the organization evolves, it the business to easily integrate any new technologies they have adopted within the existing framework. The platform supports a wide variety of business and consumer devices:

       •  Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge)
       •  Native Windows and Mac OS X Desktop Apps
       •  Android and Apple iOS Devices

The platform can provide an organization with features and functions such as:

        •  System Overview Panel and Dashboard
        •  Enterprise Class Security
                •  Token Authentication
                •  User Management
                •  System-wide Permissions and Groups Management
        •  Quality Assurance Tools (Analytics and Reports)
        •  Compliance Tools (Enforced Workflow Management)
        •  Communication and Messaging Tools internal to the framework


Advanced Reporting

Document and Workflow Management

Enhanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

User and Supplier Management

Group Management

Wearable technology such as Android Wear, Apple Watch, etc.

FocusPoint also features a complete RESTful API, enabling powerful control and integration into any platform to minimize development costs.

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We also offer industry specific solutions:

        •  Facility, Warehouse and Growing Room Monitoring and Remote Management
        •  Client, Dispensary and Location Tracking and Management

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