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To get the most out of our platform, we decided to build in a custom message queuing system which provides a very scalable and extensible foundation. This provides for quick installation, advanced monitoring and AI, granular control, thorough reporting, and a detailed blockchain audit log of all of the functions and features of the entire marketing platform “IndustryCast”…

Operating System

The operating system, is a high-security, high-availability virtualized platform.  Its design provides organizations the ability to manage the entire system infrastructure from a single console.

By combining container, hypervisor and storage management in to a single solution, our platform can uniquely deliver memory optimization, and other advanced key features to any organization’s IT staff.

Our software utilizes data compression and IOPS deduplication to drastically increase memory efficiency.  Deduplication efficiently caches identical files found in multiple containers resulting in a reduction of I/O and memory bottlenecks and in increases the number of running containers per server.

We employ database object caching to dramatically speed up request times by storing recently accessed data, such as authentication tokens and user profile data in memory.

We have incorporated several advanced features in the system, such as:

        •  Reboot-less rolling updates which eliminates service outages for end users during system updates
        •  Pre-configured application templates allow instant pre-built installations which dramatically speeds up environment setup
        •  Single image file storage which enables fast server migrations and backups and improves overall server performance
        •  Auto Recovery which restores damaged, lost, or inaccessible data replicas upon failure of a drive/node
        •  Data Protection which provides user data checksumming and background data verification (scrubbing)


Our dashboard provides an intuitive overview of your entire operation. The extensive API allows for data integration from a vast number of sources. 

If a widget or dashboard tool doesn’t exist, one can be created and customized to your needs.

The Remote Access Module allows you to easily connect to your remote machines via RDP and VNC in a web browser or on your mobile device. Features include:

        •  Instant access to remote machines on a network or VPN
        •  Secure permissions management of who can access specific resources

The document management system. Its features include:

        •  Document Collaboration
        •  Document File versioning
        •  Document Process Management
        •  Document Auditing
        •  Mobile Document Access 

The platform uses enterprise-class authentication tokens to ensure each request is handled in a secure manner:

        •  Tokens are securely locked to one user on one device at one IP address, ensuring that a
             third party cannot use the token by brute-forcing or guessing token IDs

        •  Users are provided instant access to system resources based on authenticated permissions
        •  Tokens are immediately invalidated in the event of spoof attempts or attacks on the token

The framework provides a powerful user and groups permission system. Our API allows system-wide specific permissions on a per-user or group basis.

The platform includes an array of useful communication tools to keep your teams in the “loop”. Built in communications features include:

        •  User-to-user communications
        •  Group channels (private / public internal)
        •  Broadcasts Messages
        •  Supports markdown formatting for structured and easier-to-read messages (v.2)

The platform keeps both a log of virtually all user actions performed in the system and a log of all messaging across the transport, ensuring complete accountability and auditing.

Features include:

        •  Access and authentication logging
        •  Failed access / permissions attempts logging and reporting
        •  API to register events from third-party hardware and software

Access your system on the go. The platform supports:

        •  Windows, Mac OS X and Linux via major browsers such as Google Chrome,
             Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+ and Microsoft Edge

        •  Mobile devices, including Android and Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Our platforms Business Intelligence and Analytics helps you report on the statistics that matter most to you.  It integrates with a number of our other modules and provides a complete API for syncing data and statistics with other third-party applications.

Need a custom module that’s tailored to your business? No problem, we can customize the platform to fit most customer requirements…

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